Starlight Culture Entertainment Group Ltd.

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Company Overview

Company Overview

Company Overview
Starlight Culture Entertainment (HK01159)

STARLIGHT, born from content and accomplished in content.

Great content is created by the genius, a combination of craftsmanship and talent. STARLIGHT joins hands with talented content creators. Starting from incubation of the IP seeds, STARLIGHT builds up an IP system and shapes up an eco-industry based on content.

Up to April 2018, STARLIGHT has signed with 9 directors whose cumulative global BO is over $30bn. In the next 5 years, more than 50 A-level directors across the world are to join the STARLIGHT family, together with 10 Chinese-English bilingual young directors to develop the Chinese-language film market in the long run.

Creating contents in Hollywood, developing industries in mainland China and operating capitals in Hong Kong, with the products, industry and capital as fulcrums, STARLIGHT has established a stable golden triangle in the global entertainment industry.

It might be a long run, but we never stopped running.