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DID joins hands with Starlight Culture to start a new business form

On June 18th, the DID & Starlight Culture Film and Entertainment industry strategy conference was held in Bellagio Shanghai Hotel during the 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival. The conference was jointly held by Starlight Culture Entertainment Group and DID, a subsidiary of China Rise Financial Holding Group Limited. An impressive roster of influential people in the domestic film industry were invited, and dozens of world-renowned directors and their teams attended.

Mr. Zhou Zhe, the Vice Chairman of Starlight Culture Entertainment Group, and Mr. Ye Dong, the Executive Vice President of China Rise Financial Holding Group Limited, both delivered important speeches. Mr. Zhou said in an interview: “Starlight Culture will focus on developing content industry, which will have a spurt of development. The Internet, including streaming media, will have big moves. Therefore, the demand for content in the entire global market, including movies, entertainment and culture, will increase in the future. Starlight and DID have been committed to making a project incubator - not only focusing on the content of movies or TV dramas, but also on VR, TV programs, and even offline entertainment industries and other intellectual properties. The company will sign more outstanding directors, concentrate on the advantageous IPs, and cooperate with the best talents in the world.”


Shanghai International Film Festival


In terms of prospects, Mr. Zhou said: “On the one hand, Starlight and DID are engaged in talent incubation, choosing younger directors with good quality to convert projects into content products; on the other hand, Starlight Culture and DID collaborated to form a company, which aimed at providing a capital platform to carry out large-scale cooperation to plan the required resources. In the future, it is not excluded that more partners would join in and develop more IP products.” He believed that the company would be able to create a symbol of Chinese capital in Hollywood and become one of the largest content platforms for film and television cooperation services.

It is announced at the conference that the directors jointly signed by DID and Starlight Culture include James Wan, Roland Emmerich, Alan Taylor, and Sylvester Stallone. The cumulative worldwide box office of these directors has exceeded $30 billion so far.

Content, industry, and capital are three important dimensions of film and television entertainment industry development. The cooperation between Starlight Culture and DID will lead the development of film and entertainment industry into a new era.